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Signing a Contract

The Rental Process

Is Your Rental Property a Profit or a Problem?

Established Experience

With years of property management experience, we understand that your rental property isn’t just a source of income, it’s a big part of your life. That’s why we make managing your investment our top priority: So you can focus on other matters and not worry about your property. We are able to accomplish this by overseeing the full spectrum of tasks associated with your rentals, from maintenance and inspections to repairs and tenant finder services. We have an established network of specialists for everything from landscaping to full remodels, and are experts at local landlord-tenant laws and regulations. Our successful marketing strategies even draw from our real estate sales experience, emphasizing professional photos and smart advertising, rather than boring Craigslist ads and unprofessional cell phone images. The result? Your rentals have fewer vacancies and higher rents, but you don’t have to spend time finding vendors or negotiating costs, wrestling with complex legal code, or finding the perfect tenant.

The Importance of Good Tenants

Businesses thrive when customers are happy. Unfortunately, many property management companies treat your tenants as an afterthought. But did you know that satisfied tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time, to treat your property with respect, and are three times more likely to renew their leases - resulting in fewer costly issues and vacancies? That’s why we’re always proactive in building positive relationships with your tenants. Our unique philosophy is a different way of thinking about property management; you are our client, and your tenant is our customer. We encourage an open line of communication and trust with tenants and we’re also on call 24-hours a day, ready to assist renters in case of emergency. And with our comprehensive screening process -- including credit and criminal background checks -- we pride ourselves on helping you find the best tenants for your rentals.

Working With the Future in Mind

For many investors, the goal is to eventually sell their investment property at an appreciated value. Unfortunately, too often they find that their management company’s history of fixing problems with the cheapest solutions (or not fixing them at all) has resulted in a property that cannot compete with nearby listings -- requiring costly and unexpected repairs before the home can be marketed for sale. In addition to managing your property, we also work with you to enhance its value by addressing problems with affordable solutions that take the future into consideration. When you decide to sell, you’ll be confident, informed, and your home will be "market ready".

The Best Results are from the Best Marketing

The typical rental market presents ugly photos with empty descriptions, causing potential tenants to question the quality of your rental property before they’ve even seen it. The best marketing, however, uses high-end media like signage, professional photography, video walk through tours and detailed descriptions to invoke an emotional response so your property stands out where it matters most... the internet. Combine our commitment to better marketing with our pledge to give you excellent customer service, and you have a property management firm who truly stands behind the statement... Your Investment Is Our #1 Priority!

Plant Mirror Reflection

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